cold coffee

photo credit: Nina Nelson.

I admit it. I’m a coffee snob. My love affair with coffee goes back to my years in Paris during the ‘70s, when my lips first uttered the words “un café, s’il vous plait.” I can live without many of life’s pleasures, but I cannot, no, I will not live a life without coffee. It has to be organic, strong, and smooth like velvet.

Imagine my horror when the new decade of my 50thbirthday also marked the onset of mysterious belly aches – mysterious that is, until I realized that my beloved coffee was the cause. I tried all sorts of “low-acid” coffees but they lacked the romance and the luster of “real” coffee.

Giving up my caffeinated brew was unthinkable. Some people set out on a spiritual quest. I set out on a coffee quest. Here’s what I came up with, and for about 5 years I’ve been making my coffee “cold brewed.”

Cold Brewed Coffee:

Take one quart size glass bottle. Add ½ cup organic, fresh coarsely- ground coffee. Fill to top with purified water. Shake slightly and cover with cap. Put in the fridge and

within 6 hours you have low-acid, highly caffeinated coffee for about 5 days. Obviously one pours it through a strainer and most people water it down when they serve it. Taken straight, you may be singing “Fly me to the Moon,” but it will be low-acid!