These are first of all the nicest people! AND — their pecans are genuinely special.

To begin with, they’re native pecans – the heirloom variety that has been growing wild in North America since forever. They have small tender, flavorful meats that are wonderful to snack on, and make delightful pies. But you almost never see natives for sale in stores. That’s because modern “improved” Chandler pecans have bigger meats and thinner shells. If you’re planting an orchard, Chandlers will give you a higher yield that’s easier to process.

But Pecan Shop doesn’t plant any orchards. Their nuts are hand-harvested from trees growing wild on unsprayed land. Beyond organic foods, rivaling even Biodynamic foods, we love genuine wild foods. They don’t need irrigation, water, or any other inputs. Talk about sustainability!

Pecan Shop sells “plain” native pecans, and they’ll make an excellent pie.  But for snacking, we highly recommend their sprouted nuts for even better digestibility and melt-in-your mouth texture. You can get them straight, with pink salt, or organic Vermont maple syrup. Their pecan butter from sprouted pecans may be the single most delicious unadorned nut butter we sell. Try a half-teaspoon stuffed into a halved medjool date