stewed fruit

Photo of stewed fruit courtesy user “АннаМариа” via Wikimedia and a Creative Commons license.


This is a repeat of one of my (it’s Debra again!) favorite desserts (to complement just about anything).  No mess in the kitchen, and nutrient rich.  And what a concept — a dessert that keeps those you care about healthy!  

We all know dried fruits like apricots, peaches and prunes have lots of fiber, which is especially helpful at the holidays, and also are rich in iron, which means they’re good for relieving anemia too.

Use unsulfured, untreated dried fruit that means no bright orange apricots, for instance.  And avoid dried fruit sprayed with mineral oil to prevent sticking.  Mineral oil depletes nutrients in the body.  Rest assured, habibi, none of our dried fruits are sulfured or treated.

I love leftovers for breakfast alongside a steaming bowl of hot cereal.  Or on top of yogurt or kefir.

2 cups dried Turkish apricots 2 cinnamon sticks
2 cups dried peaches ½ cup crystallized ginger chunks, optional
2 cups dried cherries or prunes

Put dried fruit in a large pot.  Cover with water by several inches.  Thrown in cinnamon sticks.  Bring water to boil.  Turn off heat.  Cover pot.  Cool.  Refrigerate overnight.  By the next morning, the liquid in the pot will be rich-tasting and thick.  The flavors will be wonderful.  Can you get any simpler?

Serve in pretty wine glasses.  If you like, put a dollop of whipped cream or Soyatoo on top.  (Or ice cream, fake ice cream, or frozen yogurt.)  You may also garnish with fresh berries like raspberries, strawberries or blueberries.  Or banana slices.   Yummm.