photo of fresh ripe peaches courtesy of Liz West via Flickr.

There’s no fat added to this cobbler, and you don’t have to peel the peaches, because there’s no need when you eat organic (there are no pesticides or herbicides with organic). Feel free to substitute organic nectarines or apricots in lieu of peaches. This recipe also doubles or triples if you want to feed a crowd. Do you want like batter and less fruit? Feel free to double the batter. It’s more cake-y this way.

Did you know that the peach is actually a member of the rose family and originated in China. Who knew? Today, China is still the largest grower of peaches, followed by Italy. Here in the USA, Georgia is the Peach State and makes the world’s largest peach cobbler each year.

Serves 4

6 C sliced peaches (wedges) ½ C coconut sugar
½ tsp almond extract ½ C einkorn flour or mixture of your favorite flours**
½ C milk (any kind, dairy or non-dairy) 1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp Blue Lotus brand star anise masala chai tea mix*
¼ tsp good salt like Celtic or Himalayan
  Spectrum spray for greasing

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix peaches and almond extract. Grease a 9” pie plate or an 8”x8” brownie pan. Mix remaining ingredients and using your rubber spatula, scrape batter into pie plate or pan. Put sliced peaches evenly on top and pop pan into oven for 35-40 min. Isn’t that easy?!?

The batter will rise, surround peaches and actually become the topping. Serve warm or room temperature plain, with whipped cream or ice cream. Best eaten the same day it’s made.

 *Blue Lotus star anise masala chai has wonderful flavors which you will love, but if you want to just use cinnamon, do. Or use cinnamon with a pinch of anise and cardamom. It’s all good!

**Adding some nut or seed flours will make the batter crispy, and add a complexity of flavor. Einkorn, as you know, is an ancient, heirloom wheat which has never been hybridized.