I found this simple recipe for koji (Japanese gruel) in my files at home and it reminded me that sometimes the simplest foods are what do a body good. That the old time remedies really work. They not only soothe, they make us well. Their very simplicity is in itself calming and healing.So try low tech and natural before resorting to big-gun medicines. In Japanese tradition, koji is believed to boost the immune system and help us get over a cold or flu. Koji is easy to digest, and when we’re under the weather, digestion should be easy so the body can use its energy to fight off illness. To prepare, put two tablespoons brown rice into two cups water. Cook overnight in crockpot or simmer on low 2 hours in a pot. Eat. That’s all. If you’re cold, add ginger and honey and milk (cow, soy, rice, almond or oat). If you’re nervous, add 1-2 tablespoons sea vegetables like kelp while cooking. If you have heart problems, incorporate 1-2 tablespoons millet or winter squash to gruel.