umeboshi plums drying

Umeboshi (Japanese for salted pickled boshi plums) are an aid to digestion

Seth Kirschner, who visits our store to represent many companies, among them one of our favorites, Eden Foods, said “When I was a child and had an upset stomach, my mother used to make me a hot drink that helped tremendously.  The drink was water with Eden umeboshi plum and/or plum paste to taste, Eden tamari and/or Eden shoyu to taste, Eden kuzu root and fresh grated ginger.  It’s the best and it really, truly works!

“Alternatively, I used to dine at a macrobiotic restaurant in Los Angeles, California, called Inaka where they prepared a traditional and authentic macrobiotic drink called Umesho Bancha Tea, which I make myself now.  Try it, you’ll like it!”

Makes 1 serving.  Feel free to double or triple or quadruple.

2/3 C Eden Bancha or Kukicha tea ½ Eden umeboshi plum (Wu Mei)
½ tsp Eden soy sauce ¼ tsp ginger juice (Sheng Jiang)

Make Bancha tea in a small pot and then combine with umeboshi plum.  Bring to a boil and cook 5 minutes.  Remove from heat.  Stir in soy sauce and ginger juice.  Serve hot.

Variation made with grated daikon radish:  This variation is useful for gallstones or kidney stones. Make the recipe above and mix 1 C with 1 Tbsp grated daikon. For sharp pain, use 2 Tbsp grated daikon.