raw chocolate macaroons

This recipe was given to us some years ago by Stacy M., who still stops in and says “Hi!”

Makes enough to feed 6

1 C organic Medjool dates 4 C organic dried shredded coconut 
1 C dried organic Turkish apricots 4 Tbsp organic cocoa powder, optional
4 ¼ C filtered or spring water another 1 C dried shredded coconut 

Pit the dates.  Put into 2-quart container with apricots and water.  Soak overnight.

Blend the 4 C coconut in food processor for about 10 minutes, or until “liquefied”.  Transfer to medium stainless bowl.

Drain fruit (save ¼ C of soaking water and drink the rest).  Blend fruit and saved soaking water for one minute, or until you have a fairly smooth “batter”.  Some chunks are fine.

Add blended fruit to coconut and mix by hand until texture is even.  If you’re making your raw macaroons chocolate, add the cocoa powder.

Use a two-ounce (small) ice cream scoop to portion batter into balls.  Scrape the scoop against the side of the bowl to firmly pack.  Using the last cup of coconut, put into a seperate bowl.  Gently coat each ball with coconut.  Since apricots and dates expand with soaking, double check the amount of coconut you’ll actually need.  The rule of thumb is:  use one part soaked fruit mixture to 2 parts dried coconut.