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The Business Itself

Since 1989, Debra’s Natural Gourmet has been bringing health, deliciousness, and a sense of mission to West Concord and the surrounding communities.

In 2001, we expanded to fill our current space.  In 2014, we celebrated a quarter-century in the community.

In 2015, we were named Retailer of the Year (a.k.a. “The Best Health Food Store in the Country” award) by Whole Foods Magazine.

The People

Debra Stark was raised by a mother who used natural remedies, grew her own vegetables, and ground her own grains.  The author of three cookbooks, founder of Stark Sisters granola, and a community resource on cooking and nutrition, Debra was a daily presence in the store she built for more than 30 years.

Today, Debra’s son Adam is at the helm, surrounded by a team of 50 geniuses and superstars.   Kitchen Manager Roxanne Bispham has been spicing the soup for over a decade.  Produce Lead Alex Gardner has another decade.  Supplements Manager Robin Johnston and her team boast a combined 165 years of experience in natural medicine.  Etc.

producNatural Selection

If it’s on our shelves, it’s been thoroughly vetted to some of the strongest and most thoughtful standards in the industry.  Affordable staples.  Exotic flavors.  Specialty ingredients for specialized diets.

bulk, packaged, and fresh foods  |  organic produce year-round  |  grass-fed local meats & cheeses  |  over 200 herbs and spices | holistic bodycare from head to toe  |  extensive selection of vitamins and herbs  |  green household products & organic pet food  |  small gifts and local artisan crafts  |

We Cook for You

Our kitchen wins awards.  It’s not just technique.  It’s not just the recipes.

More than anything, it’s ingredients.  We don’t skimp.  On anything.  We use the same extra virgin olive oil in our kitchen that we sell in our store.    The same raw cacao.  The same charcuterie.  The same grass-fed butter.  The same organic produce.  We make our own stock.  We roast our own garlic.

We offer a full menu 7 days a week.  We cater events large and small.


Our staff has more than 165 years experience in nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, naturopathy, aromatherapy, Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine, etc.

We are committed to quality.  We take a national leadership role in rigorously vetting our suppliers.

We are committed to honesty and transparency.  We inform & advise.  We never overstate or oversell.