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We’re thrilled to offer curbside pickup via our new website. This is how it works. Yes, you can scroll right to the bottom of the page and start ordering. But please read this first.

1. You can Call Us!

Just because you order through a website now doesn’t mean you can’t still talk to us. Call! We’re still 978.371.7573. Chat with our wellness department about herbs or probiotics. Ask our grocery manager to special order a case of almond milk, just for you. Or shoot an e-mail to engage@debrasnaturalgourmet.com. We’ll get back to you in a few hours.

2. Allow Substitutions (or you might not get anything).

A lot can happen between when you place your order, and when we assemble it. We may not have precisely what you ordered. But we may have something close. However…

We will not substitute for the precise item you ordered, unless you let us.

So if you have some flexibility — if you’re not married to that very specific brand, size, flavor, etc. — click “allow substitutions” in the shopping cart screen. You can allow subs item by item, or for the whole order. You can also add instructions, such as “replacement must be organic,” or “can sub any other canned beans.” Or “call me to verify.” Etc.

3. Sale Prices Work Funny

It is a limitation of the technology that the price you’ll be charged is the price when we assemble the order, not when you place the order. In other words, if strawberries are $3.99 when you order them on Tuesday, but $2.99 when we gather them up on Wednesday, you’ll be charged the Wednesday price.

Most prices are pretty static. Produce is not — it goes up; it goes down. Sale prices change monthly.

We know this might sound like bait-and-switch. But there’s nothing we can do about it. Hopefully you can take some comfort that prices are just as likely to go down as they are to go up. Over time, you should expect to “break even” on this.

4. Minimums / Order Fees

After six months in which we charged no order fees, we are starting in November to add a $5 service charge for assembling these orders and delivering them to your car. (Honestly, it costs us more than $5 to do it!)

We have a $35 minimum order.

5. Can’t Find Something? Have a special order?

At the bottom of every shopping page, and in the shopping cart screen, there’s a box that says “can’t find something?” You can use that to describe in plain English what you’re looking for, or to ask for special orders.

Please bear in mind, these requests or notes do not have dollar values attached to them. They do not count towards your estimated total, or the minimum order..

6. Senior Discount / EBT

We do not currently have a way to verify or offer the senior discount online, or to allow payment with EBT remotely.

7. When you’re Here to Pick Up

If you feel comfortable coming up to the door, feel free to. Otherwise, park in front or out back (front is better, but it doesn’t really matter…), and call 978.371.7573, and select the extension for “curbside pickup.” Tell us your name, and what kind of car you’re in, and we’ll carry your groceries out to you.

Without Further Ado

Order Here —–> https://debras.storebyweb.com