Order Online!

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We’re thrilled to offer curbside pickup via our new website. BUT — our website has some let’s-call-them “idiosyncrasies.” Please be aware of them before ordering.

You can scroll right to the bottom of the page and start ordering. But please don’t. At least not without reading the first 3.

1. Allow Substitutions (or you might not get anything).


A lot can happen between when you place your order, and when we assemble it. In other words, we may not have precisely what you ordered. But we may have something very close!

We can make substitutions. But only if you let us!

SO — if you really only want that particular brand, in that particular size, in that particular flavor, just order it. If we have it, we’ll send it. If we don’t, we won’t.

However, if you have some flexibility, or you just don’t care, click “allow substitutions” in the shopping cart screen. You can allow subs item by item, or for the whole order. You can also add instructions, such as “replacement must be organic,” or “can sub any other canned beans.” Etc.

2. Sale Prices Work Funny


It is a limitation of the technology that the price you’ll be charged is the price when we assemble the order, not when you place the order. In other words, if strawberries are $3.99 when you order them on Tuesday, but $2.99 when we gather them up on Wednesday, you’ll be charged the Wednesday price.

Most prices are pretty static. Produce is not — it goes up; it goes down. Sale prices change monthly.

We know this sounds like bait-and-switch. But there’s nothing we can do about it. Hopefully you can take some comfort that prices are just as likely to go down as they are to go up. Over time, you should expect to “break even” on this.

3. Credit Cards Work Funny


Step 3 in the checkout process is called “Select Payment Method,” and then Step 4 is “Confirm Payment.” Our system puts a hold on your card at step 3!

It is just an estimated total, and you will not actually be charged at this point. But banks can not always tell the difference between a hold and an actual charge. So it may look like you’re being charged.

This is compounded if you decide to go back and add something to your order. Now you come back, and… get two holds on your card. This can be scary, and can tie up your money for a few hours until the extra holds fall off.

4. Minimums / Order Fees

We currently have a $35 minimum order. We do this, instead of charging order fees.

5. The 2%-To-Staff Charge

Beginning in April, we began adding a 2% surcharge to all purchases, online and in the store, 100% of which goes to our staff as “hazard pay.” We matched that with 2% from the business. This adds up to a de facto $5/hour raise for our hardworking staff on the front lines. Only staff working remotely, and owners, do not receive a share.

We have put this program on hold, as the state has moved to phase 3 of its reopening. If we move back to phase 2, the surcharge will be restored.

6. Can’t Find Something? Have a special order?

At the bottom of every shopping page, and in the shopping cart screen, there’s a box that says “can’t find something?” You can use that to describe in plain English what you’re looking for, or to ask for special orders.

Please bear in mind, these requests or notes do not have dollar values attached to them. They do not count towards your estimated total, or the minimum order..

7. Senior Discount / EBT

We do not currently have a way to verify or offer the senior discount online, or to allow payment with EBT remotely.

8. Without Further Ado

Order Here —–> https://debras.storebyweb.com