Been told by your dentist that you need gum surgery because you have periodontal disease and have deep pockets in your gums? You might want to try something old-fashioned before making an appointment for surgery that will be painful, may or may not work, and is not covered by insurance.

What to do? In a clean glass jar, add one cup baking soda and one cup unrefined sea salt (like our Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salts). Wet your tooth brush, shake off excess water, dip in mixture, and brush your teeth gently using circular motions for at least two minutes. Then put a teaspoon of our strong-strength 12% O-W & Company hydrogen peroxide in 2-4 tablespoons water in a glass and swish around in your mouth for a minute or two. (You’ll get the hang of this and won’t have to use a measuring spoon after a day or so.) Finish cleaning by using dental tape.

This remedy should eliminate bleeding and tender gums and may forestall the need for periodontal surgery. It may prevent tooth decay. It should strengthen your gums altogether. It might prevent getting a cold or flu, too, because the peroxide kills germs. (Does the hydrogen peroxide and water mixture bubble and sometimes foam like mad? Yes!)

I’ve been told that white or green clay can be substituted for baking soda and is rich in minerals. Another natural substance to incorporate in your mouth-care health regimen might be colloidal silver.