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Jan 2017

“The world’s most expensive dates” (that’s dates, as in *food* we’re talking about!) are jet black, sweet, and lower on the glycemic index than other dates.

Sep 2016

RUNA’s mission is to improve livelihoods for indigenous farmers in the Amazon. “We believe people everywhere can benefit from the bounty of the rainforest without destroying it.”  

Jul 2016

With all the turmoil in the world, all the violence, all the hatred, I was thinking about how to make the world a better place. I was thinking about things that are important to me, remembering Tip O’Neil…

Apr 2016

The natural products industry occasionally honors one of its own for outstanding contributions to the industry — but more so, to the movement. This year, Debra was honored.

Dec 2015

Monsanto will sue people at the drop of a hat. But now they’ve been challenged.

lavender fields
Nov 2015

Smell can trigger memories, emotion, creativity, and can help heal. This science of smell and how it affects us is called “aromatherapy.”

Oct 2015

I loved this when I read it in the Natural Foods Merchandiser back in 2003, and love it still today! It reminds me that we’re not as smart as we think we are… “Chimpanzees can tell the difference between organic and conventional fruits.” Zookeepers at the Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark, began putting both types of bananas

Jun 2015

Flower growers have used blackstrap molasses to get stronger, longer lasting blossoms for ages. Molasses supplies trace minerals along with bio-available sugars that feed plants.  Milk, too, is a soil and plant food.

May 2015

From a 2005 Debra’s Natural Gourmet newsletter. I still find it interesting, sez Debra! In Jack Challem’s book, Feed Your Genes Right, Mr. Challem says nutrition feeds our genes, which not only are found in every one of our 70 trillion cells, but which contain the basic biological instructions for everything from eye color to

Apr 2015

Been told by your dentist that you need gum surgery because you have periodontal disease and have deep pockets in your gums? You might want to try something old-fashioned before making an appointment for surgery that will be painful, may or may not work, and is not covered by insurance.

Mar 2015

Thanks to those of you who came to our olive oil tasting that snowy February evening! Did you know that real olive oil is simply the juice pressed from the fruit (the olives) of the olive tree? Pressing olives for their juice is the way olive oil has been made for thousands of years. Why