a salad of mixed greens

Start with mixed greens.  Toss with olive oil and cultured veggies for a shot of live enzymes, healthy fats, and acidity.

It’s that time of year – its spring! We’re all trying to eat lighter as we shed layers of winter clothing. We just can’t hide our over-indulgences any more, can we? This dish gives us a boost, and it perks up our insides, which are winter-lazy, too. Of course eat organically-grown veggies, because pesticides and herbicides don’t do any body good.

Did you know that all kinds of cabbage have vitamin K? Vitamin K makes our bones stronger and helps prevent osteoporosis because it facilitates the transport of calcium from the bloodstream into the bone. I wasn’t aware that vitamin K plays an important role in keeping our nervous system and brain healthier, too.

On a completely different subject, if you don’t have a microplane zester, treat yourself to one (mine has a handle so it’s easy to hold and use). This handy little gadget turns citrus skin into fluffy piles of fragrant zest, grates frozen ginger and turmeric root with ease – no need to peel either, and grates chocolate and lots more.

Serves 6 (yes, use organic ingredients)

2 C baby arugula or baby spinach ¼ C lemon juice
2 C torn endive, radicchio or romaine 1 Tbsp lemon zest
4 C sliced napa cabbage 2 pressed garlic cloves
1-2 C cultured veggies (your favorite) ½ C extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
½ C chopped red onion, optional 1 tsp good salt like Celtic, Himalayan, Real
1 tsp black pepper or Grains of Paradise

Prepare greens and place in a large salad bowl. Add cultured veggies (and red onion, if you like it as much as I do) and add dressing ingredients too. Toss everything together. Taste, adjust seasoning. Add more EVOO if you like, more of anything that floats your boat.

Dish out and serve alongside your meal, or garnish with avocado, goat cheese and serve it with a loaf of hearty bread (have you tried Dan’s Brick Oven or Pepe Bocca’s artisanal breads? Both are baked locally using only freshly milled organic flours, sea salt, filtered water and wild yeasts). Call it dinner!