Did you know that flower growers have used molasses to feed the blooms for decades in order to get stronger and longer lasting blossoms?  Molasses supplies trace minerals along with bio-available sugars to feed the plant immediately.

And milk is also a soil and plant food.  The Organization Slow Food says that, in addition, milk is a highly effective fungicide and soft-bodied insecticide because those critters, like grasshoppers, don’t have a pancreas to process the sugars, so they are driven off when milk is applied to leaves.  Slow Food says to make a milk/molasses mixture simply mix 2 cups of milk (whole) into 8 cups of water and stir in ¼ cup of blackstrap molasses for the first feeding (spray on leaves or pour a cup of the mixture around the stem of each plant).  This is recommended once every week or every other week to help plants produce and to nurture healthy communities of microbes, fungi and beneficials in compost or garden soil.  Pretty neat, huh?