I did one of these “A to Z” pieces around a decade ago.  It’s a nice end-of-year treat for your writer, as he doesn’t need to research anything, justify anything, or even speak in complete sentences.  The way it goes is: I name a condition starting with A, I suggest a solution.  Repeat with B, then C, etc.  Quick and easy.   

Acne: 30 mg zinc twice a day, with food.  Add a good liver-clearing herbal formula.  The Yellow Dock Skin Cleanse from Planetary Herbals is an old favorite.  Diet?  Surprisingly, fat and sugar don’t seem to matter much.  Dairy does.  Reduce dairy.     

Bursitis: If it’s an “–itis,” it’s inflammation.  Here it’s inflammation of the bursa – the fluid-filled sacs that cushion the joints.  First, go easy on the joints.  Then go after it like any other inflammatory condition.  Use an herbal anti-inflammatory formula based around herbs like turmeric, boswellia, ginger, willow bark, and devil’s claw.  Take as needed.  For chronic conditions, add 3,000 mg a day omega-3s from fish oil.  Consider CBD topically for the pain. Debra says consider Homeopathics like arnica or homeopathic combination pain formulas. 

Celiac Disease: We have no pills that will ever make it “okay” to consume gluten.  Sorry!  Gluten-digesting digestive enzymes will help reduce the damage.  Gut-healing formulas like Intestinew from Renew Life help repair the damage.  Address nutrient deficiencies caused by impaired absorption with a solid multivitamin.   

Diabetic Neuropathy: time-released alpha-lipoic acid, 300 mg 3 times a day.  Lipoic acid can both help the body lower excess sugar, and protect and regenerate damaged nerves 

Ear Infection: ear oils made from herbs like mullein, garlic, St. John’s wort, arnica and coptis.  Mullein loosens the wax.  Garlic, coptis and St. John’s wort address the underlying infection.  Arnica and the St. John’s help with pain and healing.  Warm the oil in your pocket before dropping it in.  If the infections keep coming back, make a habit of chewing gum made from xylitol.  Also consider probiotics, especially if you’ve used antibiotics in the past.    

Fight or Flight Response: Do you go into adrenaline overdrive at the slightest provocation?  Sure, you can take relaxing herbs as needed.  And you should!  Theanine, Kava, CBD…  You can also meditate, take long walks in the woods, etc.  But as a baseline, consider the herb Ashwagandha 2-3 times a day, every day.  It reduces the physiologic response to stress.   

Glaucoma: Use the same protocol here I gave for “D: Diabetic Neuropathy.”  Alpha-lipoic acid not only protects the nerves, but also improves the integrity of the tissues at the back of the eye that control fluid transport in and out.  So, you’re reducing IOP as well.  A double whammy. 

Hair Loss: First, rule out underlying medical conditions.  The B-vitamin Biotin, and the mineral Silica, can both increase hair growth rate and strength.  Try 5,000 mcg of Biotin, twice a day and/or brand-name BioSil silica twice a day.  On the other hand, if hair is coming out in the brush, or on the pillow, consider the Chinese herbal formula Sheng Fa Wan.  Give it a month.   

Irritable Bowel Disease: Use gentle, prebiotic fiber like Acacia powder or guar gum daily.  Add a strong probiotic for at least a month.  When things settle, you can consider a lower-dose probiotic for ongoing use.  Enteric-coated peppermint oil may be used as needed to reduce intestinal spasm.  2 mg melatonin at night.  Stress reduction can be a big deal here, too.   

Jet Lag: The herb Rhodiola Rosea helps in two ways: it makes us more resilient to sleep deprivation and helps us adjust faster to the new time zone.  (It also helps us acclimate faster to altitude change).  Start using it when you get on the plane, and for three days after.  You can also use melatonin when you land to reset the clock even faster.  3 mg is a good dose for the melatonin. 

Kidney Impairment: If impaired function is secondary to medications which “slow down” the kidneys, consider CoQ10 200 mg, three times a day.  The Kidney Support Compound from David Winston’s Herbalist & Alchemist company may be useful in degenerative conditions.   

Lyme Disease: First, I should say we do not have herbals which actually cure Lyme.  Your best bet at kicking it once and for all is still prescription antibiotics.  Having said that, the Spiro-X formula from the Seven Forests company is a solid herbal adjunct to reduce symptoms, break down biofilm, support immunity and generally suppress bacterial load.   

Mono (Herpes Mononucleosis): If you’re in the throes of active mono, use a good antiviral.  Consider the coconut oil derivative monolaurin, 3,000 mg 2 to 3 times a day.  To recover from mono – to get your strength back faster – consider one of two herbal formulas, both from the Seven Forests company.  One is called Astragalus 10+, and it’s the “standard formula” here; the other is called Viola 12, and it’s an expanded version of the standard, with added ingredients to address swollen glands. 

Norovirus: for digestive symptoms, try hydrated bentonite clay 2 Tbsp every hour for three hours, then break to rehydrate and take other meds as needed.  Disinfect the home with PureGreen 24. 

Pernicious Anemia: Vitamin B12 (by definition).   

Quitting Smoking: You’re going to need to want to quit.  And we do not have a pill that’s going to make you want it.   We do, however, have a few that will make quitting easier.  Ask us about herbs that can help you relax…  Perhaps your best bet is the Smoke Free formula from the Herbs, Etc. company, which combines mild relaxants with lung tonics and the herb Lobelia.  Lobelia contains an alkaloid called lobeline, which loosely binds with nicotine receptors.  It might do 10% of the work; the other 90% is still on you. 

Radiation Exposure: Radiation is everywhere, every day.  Green tea, a few cups a day, protects us from the damage.  And, up your intake of plant pigments – in other words, healthy plant foods that can stain your clothing.  Broccoli sprouts play a special protective role, by upregulating glutathione synthesis.  Sprout them yourself or use the capsules from Jarrow Formulas. 

Snoring: No, there’s not a guaranteed cure for snoring.  Yes, we can sometimes help… Consider MSM (normally a joint health supplement) 2,000 mg before bed.  Using a neti pot at night may also help.     

Testosterone: the herb Tribulus Terrestris can raise free testosterone.  I like the product from Jarrow Formulas, which uses a concentrated Tribulus extract, plus small amounts of ginseng-type herbs.  Plus, it’s marketed sort of classy, not like all that macho nonsense you usually see. 

Ulcers (Stomach): healing agents include licorice, honey (especially raw manuka honey), bee propolis, zinc-carnosine, and mastic gum.  Licorice may be the easiest.  Look for DGL licorice, which is prepared in such a way as to not raise blood pressure.  Zinc-carnosine has the best research, especially around long-term results.  Mastic may the best at addressing an underlying H. pylori infection.  You can combine them.   

Vomiting: ginger can be helpful for morning sickness and motion sickness.  It’s important you taste the ginger (vs. Just swallowing a pill).  So, sip a ginger ale or suck a lozenge.  The lozenges from Meltzer’s Puremints are nice, strong, and cheap.    

Warts: saturate the pad of an adhesive bandage with tincture of herbal/antiviral superstar Lomatium root.  Apply to the wart overnight, every night.  You normally start to see it shrink in a few days. Debra says the homeopathic remedy thuja taken by mouth works too. 

Xerostemia (dry mouth): For chronic dry mouth due to medication or illness, we have some nice lozenges for just such a purpose.  A few drops of echinacea tincture can stimulate saliva. 

Yeast Infections: The Vitanica company makes an effective, gentle, antifungal suppository.   

Zebra Brain Anterior Medulla Oblongata Exploding Herpes Syndrome:  There is no such thing.  And placebo will cure it!