Everyday Discounts

Eat Well, Be Happy, Save Money

We offer a 10% discount on cases and bulk purchases.  We offer a 10% “wisdom discount” on most supplements to our customers over 60.

Case Discount

  • Cases must be pre-ordered.
  • Cases must be of the same item.
  • Case size will vary depending on the product.
  • Case discount does not stack with sale prices.

Wisdom Discount

  • get 10% off on items in our Wellness department if you’re 60 or over.
  • discount stacks with monthly sales!
  • exemptions include Everyday Values, protein powders, CBD, and supplements in the refrigerator

Pet Food Mix-and-Match

  • Any dozen cans of pet food, mix-and-match, automatically earns a 10% discount.

the Debra’s Card

  • After a quarter-century, we stopped printing “Debra’s Cards” in 2020.  If you dig up any old cards, we’re still happy to honor them.

Staff Discount

  • It’s great!  Just sayin…  If you want it badly enough, you can apply here