Everyday Discounts

Eat Well, Be Happy, Save Money

We offer a 10% discount on cases and bulk purchases.  We offer 20% off on most supplements to seniors.

Case Discount

  • Cases must be pre-ordered.  We may occasionally have full cases on hand available for a case discount.  But don’t count on it!  In general, cases must be pre-ordered to be eligible for the case discount.
  • Cases must be of the same item.
  • Case size will vary depending on the product.  It can be as little as a pound for herbs and spices, to 50 pounds for some grains and flours.  Please speak with one of our buyers.
  • Case discount not eligible for items already on sale.
  • For items that are sold to us by the each, case discount is for a qty of six or more.
  • Combines with Debra’s Card!

Wisdom Discount

  • get 20% off on items in our supplement department if you’re 60 or over
  • exemptions include items already on sale, protein powders, and supplements in the refrigerator
  • Combines with the Debra’s Card!
  • Fill out the entire card (10 circles), and get $5 of free shopping you can use any time
  • eligible no matter what you buy, including items on sale, Wisdom Discount, and case discount.
  • $5 of free shopping does not count towards a $10 spending increment.