almond milk

better than store-bought?

Adam says, “Dushenka, author of The Model Vegan, really explores and tries to figure out how to innovate around food and recipes. (She’s making her own carob chips now!) Here’s her version of almond milk that is spectacularly good, using our almonds and our new nut milk bags.”

Says Dushenka, “I wanted a milk-like substance so that I could make hot carob milk for Elena, my daughter. The recipe on the nut milk bag called for soaking the almonds longer than any recipe I’d seen before, and it used less water too. I increased the soaking time even more, and we loved the results!”

Makes about 5.5 cups almond milk                                                   

About 3 C raw, organic almonds (470 g) 6 C filtered or spring water
In a two-quart jar, soak almonds with 6 C water at room temperature for 24 hours. This will cause the almonds to swell, to double their volume. Drain and rinse almonds, and then using a high-speed blender, blend (with an equal amount of water by volume, in this case, another 6 C) for a minute or two. Pour the resulting mixture through a nut-milk bag, reserving the pulp*.

*Dushenka says she has used the pulp with carrot pulp from juicing to make a raw cracker. “I have turned it into a delicious crust for a cheesecake. I have combined it with sliced almonds and honey to make little truffles, I have baked the truffles at a low temperature and used agave instead of honey to make cookies.”