Of Note

Rub shoulders with Hollywood

Well, we’re ready for you! Two (maybe three) of you get to be our studio audience during the filming of Eat Well Be Happy in my (Debra’s) home kitchen in Acton. Each month we film four shows, one right after the other, on Friday. We start at 9:00 a.m. and finish about 1:30. Our studio audience eats with the camera crew and our wonderful store kitchen cooks. The food and company are great! You’ll have had a chance to enter your name in a bucket on the carrot table, and I’ll  draw the winning names of our studio audience. The Nov. shoot is the 13th.

Where to watch our show besides here on our website? Obviously on Acton TV’s Community Access website, or on an actual TV (ask your town for their schedule). For folks around the country, check your local Community Access system.