Debra-headshotHappiest to be socializing around food, Debra Stark … the “Debra” in the Debra’s Natural Gourmet, mixes business with pleasure and has taught her staff and customers to enjoy the same. Putting heart and soul into a business that represents a way of life, Debra opened Debra’s Natural Gourmet in October 1989 and instantly began fostering the sense of shared passion and community that is her dream. Brought up on natural foods and remedies by a mother who ground her own grains, ordered organic produce from across the country, and referred to white sugar as poison, Debra developed her passion for all things natural the organic way.

Her boundless energy, savvy instincts, and sincere generosity have earned Debra’s Natural Gourmet distinction as one of the country’s top 100 natural product stores. As the author of two cookbooks, founder of Stark Sisters maple-sweetened granola, and a recognized expert on nutrition and health, Debra’s family and friends wonder what more there is to do, but with each accomplishment, Debra’s vision pushes out a little further.

Word hard, play hard
We’re always looking for terrific people to join our staff. To find out what opportunities we have available, stop by and ask to speak with Debra. Members of the medical community interested in partnering with Debra’s Natural Gourmet are encouraged to also contact Debra at 978-371-7573.

Organic and Sustainable
For some customers, shopping at Debra’s Natural Gourmet supports a way of life they remember and treasure. For others, fighting an illness or concerned about wellness, organic produce represents a vital health resource. For everyone, it’s a joyful social event! The bounty everyday reminds us just how blessed we are. Like the general store on Main Street that once was the heart of a community, we see old friends trading news while picking up a head of broccoli, and new friends swapping recipes around bok choy or daikon. In season, the produce bins over-flow with local, organic and sustainably-grown vegetables of every kind. When the snow flies and the fields are cold and barren, we look forward to trucks that bring us organic produce from outside New England.

Adam Stark, Debra’s son, has grown up with natural medicine. One has only to read his articles to know that he’s an original thinker and takes nothing for granted. He’s the founder and formulator of AdamHerbs, and many of you have tried his Immune Dragon Superbrew. He looks forward to talking to you in our store and private consultations are available.

Natural Selection
For a little store, we carry a lot. Delicious bulk, packaged, and fresh foods without additives and preservatives; deodorants without aluminum; shampoos without toxic ingredients; exotic and specialty foods you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll find everything from the tried and true, to Israeli seaweed seasonings and fabulous date candies from Egypt. While we hope you’ll take an interest in reading labels, at Debra’s Natural Gourmet, we’ve done your homework for you. If it doesn’t meet our high standards, you won’t find it here. Need a reason to try something new? Just read the signs throughout the store or ask any of us for our personal favorites. We’re always glad to help you understand how something works, explain why it’s better, or share an interesting tidbit of folklore.

Good Food to Go
Over the years, we’ve heard all the reasons not to adopt a healthy diet; customers concerned that healthy food won’t taste good, their families won’t like it, or that it’s harder to cook. At Debra’s Natural Gourmet we know it’s the word “healthy,” not the food, that’s the problem, so we stick to adjectives that are easier to digest— delicious descriptions such as luscious, crunchy, savory, and juicy. Whose mouth wouldn’t water at that! Walk into our store and aromas from our kitchen will readily convince you that good food can be good fun. Exotic, Eclectic, and gourmet, the soul-satisfying, body-nourishing food in our deli delights all the senses—great tasting, eye pleasing, and fragrant. Even luscious and decadent can be natural too: just try our chocolate mousse!

Natural Remedies
What natural supplements offer an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy? How can I ward off a cold, or flu? Are there homeopathic ways to stop smoking? Minimize bone loss? Control my weight? Treat inflammation?

Bring us your natural health questions and together we’ll research the answer. Whether you choose a bottle of supplements, or have us help you shop for a given vitamin, herb, or mineral in the foods you eat, we want to hear how something worked, or if it didn’t. Always learning, we credit our vast selection of dietary supplements and herbs to all of you who’ve come in seeking the many natural remedies and preventative therapies we’re proud to offer.

Eat Well Be Happy
Health and happiness should be as simple as enjoying good food, and at Debra’s Natural Gourmet we making shopping for that food informative, easy, and fun. Treasured as a joyful place to gather, shop, and learn by customers and staff alike, you’ll find any one of us eager to explore your natural health question with you, share a recipe or remedy, and carry your bags while we catch up on news of your family and goings on.