Chocolate Halvah Truffles

What is halvah? Some of you may know it as the Achvah-brand sesame confection we sell near our registers (delicious!), or, if your parents shopped in ethnic markets, you may remember halvah cut from large blocks in the olden days…. It’s an addictive chewy, sweet treat, which the dictionary defines as an “Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or Indian sweetmeat made of honey and containing sesame seeds, nuts, rose-water, saffron, etc.”

Sustainable Energy

This isn't about running marathons, although it could be. It's not about lifting freight cars off of kittens, amped on adrenaline. This is about the daily energy that gets us out of bed with a spring in our steps and a twinkle in our eyes; that maintains our focus throughout the day; that keeps us lively even after work, and the kids are put to bed.

So, where do we start?

Well, coffee sure does the trick. I'm a big fan of coffee, actually.

Castor Oil and Dry Eyes

Staffer Jocelyn sent this email, “A customer who just bought castor oil waxed eloquent about your protocol for dry eyes. She said she'd tried everything for chronically dry eyes, and that finally out of desperation, she started dropping castor oil in her eyes both morning and just before bed.  Her doctors at Westford Family Eye said that her dry eye condition has completed reversed. Now they are recommending it for all their patients!!!” Debra’s handout on castor oil and dry eyes is available in the store.