Chimpanzees Prefer Organic

I loved this when I read it in the Natural Foods Merchandiser back in 2003, and love it still today! It reminds me that we’re not as smart as we think we are… “Chimpanzees can tell the difference between organic and conventional fruits.”

Pink Stevia Lemonade with Pink Hibiscus Tea

Thanks to Adam, we’ve been enjoying this recipe for some years now. And I run the recipe each summer because people ask me to. And, yes, it can also be found in our third cookbook, Blue Ribbon Edition, from our kitchen to yours.

If you don’t know, stevia is a South American herb that tastes much sweeter than sugar. The good thing is that stevia doesn’t affect blood sugar, is safe for diabetics and contains virtually no calories. An 8-oz cup of Pink Stevia Lemonade yields roughly 3 calories. You can live it up, baby!

Tomato Beet Salad with Sumac & Pomegranate Molasses

A perfect Mediterranean summer salad! It’s gorgeous to look at and delicious to eat.

You can find sumac in our bulk spice bins. Don’t know what it is? Sumac is a fruit of the genus Rhus, which is ground into a purple powder used as a spice in Middle Eastern cuisine. It adds a lemony taste, and is lovely with salads or meats, or as a garnish on hummus or rice.

Dr. Tori Hudson Wants You to Have a Happy Period!

Fourteen years ago, I was driving from Seattle out to the Oregon Coast. Actually my girlfriend at the time was driving, when I yelled “Stop!”  That’s probably not a good idea when someone else is driving. That’s how accidents happen.

But I’d just seen a sign out the window, on a quaint but unremarkable wooden home, that said it was Dr. Tori Hudson’s clinic. I knew Dr. Hudson from her Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, as well as a monthly column she wrote on women’s health for a magazine called the Townsend Letter. I knew she was a professor at the preeminent naturopathic medical school in the world. At least in my mind, she was a celebrity. And there was her clinic, tucked away without any fanfare, and – this has never stopped impressing me – despite her fame and success and credentials, she was selling chopped firewood from the porch on the honor system.

Fiber, Part III, Final!

I had originally planned to close out this epic three-part article by going over the hundred-and-one source of fiber. But I changed my mind. First of all, it would kind of overwhelming. And also, I figure if you already understand the differences between soluble and insoluble fiber, you can probably figure out all you need to know about most fiber-rich foods just by reading the nutrition labels.

  So instead of a big long list, here are four especially noteworthy source of fiber.