Asparagus Parsnip Soup with Dill and Pine Cone-Smoked Olive Oil

This soup is light, light, light, but the parsnip gives body, and together with the asparagus and celery yields a lovely, complex flavor. Add the pine cone-smoked olive oil and, oh my! Somehow, someone has hit upon a method for gently smoking the extra virgin olive oil with pine cones without exposing it to heat, light or air, any one of which can degrade olive oil. It’s the stuff of dreams…


Fiber is arguably our most important nutrient. (Except, by strict definitions, it isn't actually a "nutrient.") So, does it really prevent cancer and heart attacks? Help us lose weight? Keep us from feeling tired? Detox the liver? Make the world a better place? And what about soluble fiber vs. insoluble fiber, etc.?

Bear with me: this is going to be a multi-part article! But trust me: it'll be worth it. Once you understand fiber, you’ll understand one of the big concepts about diet and nutrition.



Including the senior citizen discount (a.k.a. “Wisdom Discount.”)

There’s good news, and bad news. More good news than bad news, for most of us. The good news first:

We are lowering the pricing on the Debra’s Natural Gourmet brand protein powders by an average of 25%. This isn’t a sale, it’s a permanent price drop. Yeah!

Oh, No! Nail Fungus…

Shortened oldie but goodie by Debra. Long version available in store

What is nail fungus? Typically caused by microscopic organisms with the sweet name of “dermatophytes,” nail fungus manifests as discoloration and thickening of the nail, most commonly the toe nails. When you’ve got it, sandals are out because the nails are unsightly, and as they thicken, nails also become deformed. Wearing shoes can be an exercise in torture, and the nails can separate from the nail bed.

Vitamin Angels

Thank you to everyone who shopped the day before Mother’s Day, a benefit day for Vitamin Angels. We were able to send Vitamin Angels a check that allowed them to reach an additional 5,000 children with the essential nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. Vitamin Angels recently visited beneficiaries in Honduras and found children thriving after having received a 25-cent dose of vitamin A. Together, we done good! Check out