Winter Squash Soup with Lentils

Because squash seed oils are damaged by high heat, don’t cook with them, but do try them as a dipping oil for bread, use as the oil in a salad dressing (see the recipe for raw kale salad in our Blue Ribbon Edition Cookbook), drizzle over rice, potatoes, mushrooms, poultry, or whatever else you choose.

Are these oils healthy fats? Absolutely. The Styrian pumpkin, for instance, was developed in Austria, back in the 17th century, and early growers discovered that the green seeds of the Styrian pumpkin prevented bladder and prostate problems, and eliminated intestinal parasites (one wonders how they discovered that!).  Austrian farmers grew these pumpkins for the seeds and oil from the seeds alone. Today we are lucky to have growers like Stony Brook Farms in the Finger Lakes Region of New York who continue the tradition. I absolutely love their squash seed oils! (Yes, we do sell these.)

TamifluĀ®: A Cure for the Flu?

You’ve seen the ads the last few months: Tamiflu® for flu symptoms. “Because there’s no such thing as a little flu.” They don’t use the word “cure.” But the implication is clear. You get Tamiflu® from your doctor, and it helps.  Unlike chicken soup, bed rest, aspirin, and herbs… Because the flu is serious, and Tamiflu® is serious medicine.

Well, I’m here to say, not so much. 

Which might not be so surprising: the guy who works in the health food store says not to take a pharmaceutical drug! But please understand, I don’t walk around hating pharmaceuticals. I use aspirin when I need to. I believe that statins are effective. I’d argue that antibiotics are one of the great developments of the last century. Etc.

So, having established my credibility (I hope!) as fair-minded and non-partisan, allow me to say I believe Tamiflu® is a bad idea. How bad of an idea is it? That’s a hard question to answer. Not because the data aren’t there, but because Roche Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes and sells Tamiflu®, has been first hiding, then withholding, that data for more than a decade now.