Debra’s Tamale Pie (An Old But Goodie)

From 1989. It fell by the wayside, until Roxanne and Alyssa resurrected it and suggested we serve it this year at Tastes of Concord. Not only was this dish a hit, but meat eaters couldn’t believe it was vegetarian!

TVP is a high-protein product made from soybeans used in lieu of meat. Is soy in favor or out of favor? Adam called my attention to an article written by Ray Sahelian, who said, “Breast cancer survivors, have, for years, been advised to avoid soy foods and supplements because of estrogen-like effects that might theoretically lead tumors to grow. This has never made sense to me since I have followed the research on this topic for a couple of decades and have not seen any proof that this is advice is warranted. A new study of more than 18,000 women shows that consuming soy foods does not increase risk of breast cancer recurrence, and that soy has anticancer properties, antioxidants, nutrients, micronutrients, or vitamins that may contribute to its beneficial effect on health.”