Brainy, Bright Beet Salad

So much is written about beets these days.  According to a new study in the journal, Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry, consuming high concentrations of dietary nitrates found in beets, celery, cabbage and some lettuces, can help keep brains healthy. The study found that drinking 2 C of beet juice at breakfast for just four days increased blood flow to the brain’s frontal lobes.  Degeneration of those lobes is linked to cognitive impairment.


Asthma is a disease where the microscopic airways of the lungs become inflamed and constrict, limiting airflow.  Once diagnosed with asthma, someone is generally considered to “have” it, even if they go weeks, months, or even years in between attacks.

Prevention the Big Picture: Since asthma is a lifelong disease, preventing it i.e never getting it in the first place can save a person from decades of gasping, wheezing, coughing, medication, anxiety, and physical limitations, not to mention potentially tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

This is a big, big deal!