Alyssa’s Yummy Edamame

Alyssa in our kitchen says, “Edamame, fresh soybeans, are a delicious and low-fat source of protein.  When the kitchen inherited a giant box of edamame we got by mistake, I had the opportunity to create this recipe to use them up!  I’ve adjusted the amounts so you can make this at home.”

Scallops in Bed with Amaranth

We’re so happy the sustainably harvested, best-tasting-ever scallops from Port Clyde are back.  Last year we ran out and had to wait until the season came around again.  This year I personally plan to buy enough so I have a supply in my home freezer…

What do I like about Port Clyde scallops besides the terrific taste and sustainability?  They’re chemical-free.  No sodium triphosphates (STP) added.  STP makes seafood soak up extra water (increasing the weight of the seafood up to 25%).  Why pay for all that extra water at seafood prices?  Why eat yet another chemical Mother Nature didn’t put there in the first place?  Yes, my cooked scallops do weep a bit, but I don’t care.  The flavor is clean and sweet, the texture beyond compare.

An A-Z Guide to Sweeteners / Part II

To repeat: Let’s get one thing out of the way right at the start: there is no sweetener that we can consume vast amounts of with impunity.  None.  There are certainly some that are better than others.  There are some that even have side benefits.  But the take-home message is still “eat sweets in moderation, if you eat them at all.”  Now onto more sweeteners alphabetically.