Seafood Salsa

I first made this recipe with shrimp, for a staff make-your-own taco party. It was a hit.  I made it the second time for friends with scallops, which was scrumptious too.  Here it’s made with Port Clyde sustainable chowder pieces (the “hamburger of the sea world,” says Adam).  This is delicious too and perfect for a light summer repast.  We have Port Clyde chowder pieces in 1 lb packages in our freezer.  And, yes, we’ve plenty.  Make this with wonderful organic and local tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, peppers, onion and cilantro!

Natural Medicine for Gout

About a year ago, the New York Times printed an article chronicling the rising tide of gout in America.  The paper took great pains to point out that this erstwhile “disease of kings” is no longer limited to the fat, old, alcoholic and wealthy.  Now, the skinny, young, clean-living, and impoverished can get it, too.

Ain’t egalitarianism grand?

Gout used to be considered the disease of kings because it is (often, but not always) linked to rich foods, alcohol, and obesity, all of which used to be the sole province of the upper classes, but now well within the grasp of us all.