Dinner With A Friend

Recently I invited a friend to dinner.  I was delayed at the store and got home literally five minutes before she arrived at my house, and we were heading out to something that evening, so time was of the essence!  Well, dinner was on the table in 30 minutes and my friend kept saying, “I can’t believe you made dinner that quickly.”  Roasting the chicken is why it took that long, and it occurred to me many people bring home “fast food” because they don’t think they can make good food fast.  Here’s the dinner I made that evening.  Nothing extraordinary, as you’ll see, but yummy, colorful and healthy too.

Beautiful Hair and Nails (and Skin and Bones, too…?)

There are a lot of products out there claiming (or at least strongly implying) that they’re going to make you a whole lot prettier.  When it comes to hair and nails at least, there are two that actually work.  One makes your hair and nails stronger; the other, makes your hair thicker and fuller.

Hair and nails are created by living tissue, but they’re not alive themselves.  There’s no blood flow, no enervation, no metabolism.  Lucky for you, or your next hair cut would hurt worse than a root canal.

Living tissues can absorb nutrients, metabolize them, and use them to improve themselves.  Tissues that are not alive, on the other hand, cannot.  Of course if you improve the health of the living tissues that make nails and hair, the nails and hair they make will be healthier.