Homogenized Plastic Mass: It’s What’s For Dinner

I’m not completely opposed to junk food.  For example, the occasional leftover French fry scavenged from the plate of a dining companion, or the deep fat-fried Snickers-bar-on-a-stick at Redbone’s in Davis Square, Somerville.  Those, I feel, are worth it.

But for the most part, I just wonder why.  I mean, really, why eat most of the crap that’s out there?  Having been raised on good food, I’m constantly amazed that people would crave, say, a Fenway Frank over the much-more-delicious Coleman organic hot dog.  Or a white-flour-Crisco-crusted corn-syrup Cool Whip pie, over something with whole grains and actual fruit and soaring peaks of whipped cream.  For the most part, natural which is to say: “real” just tastes better.

Broccoli With Pine Nuts

From Amanda.  Simple and delicious.  Beautiful to look at.  And don’t you find when you eat this way that you feel full, but not too full, and you don’t feel thirsty afterward either!  Amazing how changing what one eats and including more vegetables in one’s diet really does change the way you feel.  It’s as if one’s insides are hydrated and pampered.  Broccoli, green beans or zucchini aren’t spinach or kale or collards, but you will make Popeye proud.  Can you use leafy greens in this recipe?  Sure.  Remember you’re in charge in the kitchen and you can make whatever floats your boat!