Buckwheat Blinis with Mushroom Caviar

From Amanda.  “Have you ever made blinis?  They’re a yeasted savory pancake, traditionally served with caviar and crème fraiche.  This version with mushroom caviar is fun to make (and gluten-free because buckwheat is not related to wheat and is actually a fruit).  Use any mushrooms you like, and get creative with seasonings too.  Make these for your next party!”

Arthritis, Part 2

Last month covered the various types of arthritis, diet, and what the docs like to call “lifestyle.”  This month we focus on supplements.

If this even attempted to be a comprehensive listing, we’d be going on for pages, and pages and pages.  Instead, let’s talk about a few supplements which really work, and then cover a few that don’t really work, but which are being heavily marketed and promoted.