Pink Stevia Lemonade

Thanks to Adam, we’ve been enjoying this recipe for some years now.  We love this recipe so much that we put in our third cookbook, The Blue Ribbon Edition: From our kitchen to yours.

We all know stevia is a South American herb that tastes much sweeter than sugar.  The good thing is that stevia doesn’t affect blood sugar and is safe for diabetics.  It contains virtually no calories.  An eight-ounce cup of Pink Stevia Lemonade yields roughly 3 calories.  You can live it up, baby!

Tapioca Chocolate Pudding

Amanda started making this old-fashioned, light, comfort food in our kitchen, and many of you have asked for the recipe.  Well, here it is.

Tapioca is made from the cassava root.  Cassava grows well in poor soil, is resistant to drought and can live without fertilization, which makes it a godsend in hot climates.  It is a staple crop in Asia and Africa, where its roots produce more food per energy unit of land than any other staple crop!  Nutritionally, cassava is often compared to potatoes, but with twice the fiber and much more potassium.