It’s a Summer Salad!

Five minutes is all you need for this dish.  The only ingredient needing advance prep is the spelt berries.  I often cook up a pot-full when I’m reading the Sunday paper to use during the week, or to freeze in two-cup portions for future use.  So invite neighbors for dinner.  Don’t worry about slaving over a hot stove.  Added bonus?  This dish uses up prolific summer squash or zucchini.  Recipe look familiar? It’s because I ran a variation on this theme about five years ago!  We made this recipe in our cooking class, “Light and lively grains for summer!”, and it was a hit.  It will be in your house too.

Chia, Oh Mia

We can’t keep Chia in stock.  Chia has been on Oprah.  The Chia of Chia pets, you ask?  Well, yes!    Chia, a member of the mint family (it’s also gluten-free), grows from the Mojave Desert to Argentina.  The Aztecs relied on Chia, and Native Americans of the Southwest and California Coast cooked Chia seeds with water to make gruel, or ground the seeds into flour for baking.  Soaked in water, Chia gels up, and was used for poultices.  Chia seeds mixed in water kept a man going on a forced march for 24 hours because it was (and still is!) so nutritious.