Garlic Gold Pita Crisps and Guacamole

A meal in itself with some ripe summer tomatoes.  I’d add olives and those little pickling cucumbers too.  Organic chicken on the grill….. Or Steady Lane Farm hamburgers or steaks….

Seven Oaks Ranch, the maker of Garlic Gold products, is nestled in the Ojai Valley.  The Ranch grows and distributes organic produce such as tomatoes, Meyer lemons, Hass avocadoes, and, of course, garlic.  Proponents of sustainability, Seven Oaks utilizes solar electricity to power the ranch along with a long list of cutting-edge sustainable farming practices.  We’ve sold their products for years and hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

Summertime Red Pepper, Chickpea, Hemp and Black Olive Spread

I keep trying to figure out ways to use hemp and pumpkin seeds because they’re both so healthy, but hemp sounds “sexier”, so it’s in the title here.  I read that hemp is the “next flax” because it’s another rich, rich source of essential fatty acids.  Ruth Shamai of Ruth’s Hemp Foods says, “So that’s one-third of its composition (essential fatty acids).  Another one-third consists mostly of fiber, both soluble and insoluble.  And it’s also one-third protein.”

Multiple Sclerosis in Natural Medicine; Part II

Inflammation: Imbalances in the immune system cause MS, when rogue immune cells infiltrate parts of the nervous system and attack.  The weapon used in this attack is inflammation.  You can reduce this inflammation by rebalancing the immune system (see part 1), or by addressing the inflammation directly.  Or, of course, by doing both.

Most people think that the idea in reducing inflammation is to slow the progression of the disease.  While that’s true, reducing inflammation should also help one of the major side effects of MS, namely, depression.  There are quite a few research papers published specifically examining where the depression in MS comes from.  Are MS patients depressed simply because MS is, well, depressing?  Or is depression an actual symptom of MS?  It now looks like depression is a symptom of MS, and inflammation is largely responsible for it.