Fats & Oils, Part III: Omega-6 fatty acids, and EFA balance

Plus: EFA’s against osteoporosis, PMS

The newsletter two months ago covered some basics of fats and oils. Last month covered the omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA’s), found in fish and flax oil (among other places), and how they combat inflammation and help prevent some of our most devastating degenerative diseases. Finally, I’m going to wrap up the topic of fats and oils with the other family of essential fatty acids, the omega-6’s.

If you remember, omega-3’s come in different forms. Some omega-3’s, from vegetarian sources, are really just raw materials. Before they can be used, the body has to perform a series of chemical reactions, which convert them into more useable forms. But omega-3’s from animal sources are already in the more useable forms. The body can use them quicker and more efficiently.