After a quarter-century of ink & paper, say “Hello” to the new, electronic

Debra’s Card!

You say this new system is easier and better.  How is that, exactly?   

Let’s start with easier.  You don’t need to calculate anything, stamp anything, or rifle through your wallet to find anything.  Just bring your shopping to the cash register.  The computer calculates and keeps track of everything.   

You can also share your account with other members of your household.  So everyone’s purchases add up together automatically, and anyone can redeem the free shopping.   

What happens if I can’t find my card?   

This is another advantage.  Yes, the physical card makes things faster.  But even without it, we can look you up.   With or without your card, you’ll have five years to use your savings.

The old card used to be $5 free for every $100 you spend.  The new one is $5 for every $150.  Why are you cutting back on my discount?   

We aren’t!   The old system was $5 for very $100, but only registered in $10 increments.  So if you spent $15, you’d only get credit for $10.  Now, if you spend $15, you get credit for $15.  Plus, there are additional savings.  If you share your e-mail, we’ll throw a few extras your way over the year.  PLUS, with the old system, if you lost your card, you lost the money.  But you’ll never lose what you’ve accrued with the new system. You’ll have five years to spend it.      

This whole thing is electronic… what about my privacy? 

The only thing you need to give us is your name and zip code.  And, to be honest, there’s nothing stopping you from making them up.  First name: Wonder.  Last name: Woman.  Zip code: 99999.  Good enough for us.     

Your e-mail address is optional.  Share it, and we can send you additional freebies and offers.  We will never, never, never sell or share it.  Never.   

Your birthday is optional.  Share it, and we’ll give you something on your birthday.  Also, your birthday is necessary to receive our senior discount. 

Your phone number is optional, and only to look up your account if you lose your card.  

So, this isn’t going to be Big Brother collecting and manipulating my data?   

Debra’s isn’t Big Brother, but yes, we’re hoping to track some data.  We’re hoping to figure out where our customers come from (zip code), so we can advertise smarter.  We’re also hoping to see buying patterns.  For example, if we see there are lots of people who shop daily, but only for our kitchen food, we might send them all out $5 off for a shampoo or a vitamin to introduce them to those other departments.  That kind of thing.   

Whatever it ends up being, it shouldn’t be too sinister.  And of course you can opt out at any time.   

What happens to the old cards? 

Starting March 15, we will no longer stamp the old cards.  However, you’ll still be able to redeem them (even partials) without limitation.  For every stamp you have, we’ll give you 50 cents of free shopping. Your grandchildren will be able to redeem them.

Sign me up! 

Sure!  Actually, you sign yourself up.  Go to the tablet we’ve got for just such a purpose, enter your name and zip code… and whatever else you’d like.  You’ll be signed up.  If the lines are really, really long at the tablet, you can also sign up in our Supplements and Bodycare departments (if someone is there).