Side Dishes
Oct 2020

“A savory pancake crossed with a fritter. An unleavened rice-and-lentil bread cooked on a griddle. One relative says, “like omelets – without the eggs.” Another calls them ‘Indian latkes.'”

Kale to Feed an Army
Jan 2019

This will take you literally 15 minutes, tops.  It’s all sorts of green.  It’s hearty, tastes great, works equally well as a side and a main, and you only have to clean one pot. What’s not to love? It also uses some ingredients you may not be familiar with.  Trust me: get them.  And not

veggie slider
Jun 2018

A DELICIOUS burger, made from roughly 40% bean, 40% fresh vegetables, and 20% whole grains. A pinch of berbere spice powder is the “secret” ingredient!

roasted vegetables with za'atar and feta
Apr 2018

We add a Middle Eastern flair to the traditional winter roast veggies. And we use spring veggies. Salty, savory, and just a little sweet.

brown rice pilaf with beets
Sep 2016

Golden orange if you use carrots. Ruby red if you choose beets. Parsnips are a third option, if you want beige… Another dish that’s hard to pin down to a single culinary tradition. Shades of India, Indonesia, Bulgaria… and 1960s health foods stores!

making salsa on a cutting board
Aug 2010

To the traditional salsa base — tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, onion — we add seafood. For a fresh and exciting cross between a dip and a ceviche. Add black-eyed peas to make it almost a full meal. Or wrap in corn tortillas for instant fish tacos.

purple potatoes
Nov 2007

No grains in these dark purple-black, fiber-rich savory pancakes. A delightful holiday treat. You can call them “latkes” for Chanukkah. Or just call them delicious.

roasted garbanzo beans
Jun 2006

Fiber. Protein. Satisfaction. A healthy trail mix that’s savory, but not sweet. An appetizer mix that isn’t oversalted. Cocktail nuts with ethnic flair and class.