kasha with mushrooms

Traditional Eastern European kasha with mushrooms is even better when you use gourmet mushrooms, and add Brussel sprouts.

Kasha (aka buckwheat) is not related to wheat, is gluten-free, and come from the sorrel and rhubarb family (it’s not even a grass). Rich in the B vitamins, which nourishes our adrenals, buckwheat is hearty, filling, and great survival food. It has been said that those who ate buckwheat after the Chernobyl incident fared much better because buckwheat supposedly pulls excess radiation out of the body.

Don’t like mushrooms? You might fall in love with them here because they taste so great! These medicinal mushrooms are said to enhance the immune system, regulate blood pressure, glucose, insulin, and more. The Chinese revere shiitakes and maitakes as nourishing and increasing vitality. Maitakes are said to be redeemed their weight in silver.

Serves about 6-8 happy people

¼ C extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) 2 C roasted buckwheat groats (kasha)
2 Tbsp ghee, butter, duck fat or coconut oil 6 cloves garlic, thinly sliced or pressed
½ lb shiitake mushrooms, sliced ¼-inch thick 4 C water
½ lb maitake mushrooms, coarse crumbled 2 tsp good salt
½ lb any other ‘rooms, sliced ½-inch thick 1 tsp ground pepper, or grains of paradise
2 C Brussels sprouts, trimmed, sliced garnish with chives or scallions


In a large skillet, gently warm the EVOO and ghee, butter or coconut oil. Add mushrooms (use stems of shiitakes too – trim just the end of the stem) and Brussels sprouts. Cook over moderately high heat, stirring, until browned, 4 minutes. Add garlic, and cook until fragrant, another 2 minutes.

In the meantime, in a small pot with a tight-fitting lid, bring 4 C of water to a boil with 2 tsp good salt. Add kasha, stir, cover pot, lower heat to lowest and simmer kasha for 10 minutes. Water will be absorbed. Turn out into large mixing bowl. Add half the mushroom-Brussels sprout mixture and toss so everything is combined. Plate or put onto a serving platter. Top with remaining mushroom mixture and garnish with chives or minced scallions. Voila! [Want to go wild and crazy and top with roasted chunks of winter squash? Go for it, baby!]