This pecan pie recipe appears in our first cookbook, If Kallimos Had a Chef. We continue to make it in our kitchen because we love it! Like the New England farm cooks of old, we use pure maple syrup for flavor. I thicken the syrup a bit by adding barley malt, and carob or cocoa powder, which also makes the flavors more complex. Our kitchen uses brown rice syrup instead of barley malt, so their filling is gluten-free. Both versions yield a rich-tasting pie that is yummy.

Serves 6-8 Bake at 350 degrees

1 unbaked 9-inch pie crust* 1½ C pecan halves
1 C pure dark maple syrup ½ C barley malt or brown rice syrup
2 Tbsp carob or cocoa powder 4 eggs, beaten
¼ tsp good salt ½ tsp nutmeg

Place pie plate (with crust inside!) on cookie sheet.

Using an electric mixer, food processor or a wooden spoon, beat together all ingredients, except pecans. When mixed, stir in pecans and pour pie filling into crust. Put cookie sheet with filled pie crust into the preheated oven. Bake about an hour, or until pie is slightly firm to touch and nicely browned. Yes, the pecans rise to top of pie as it bakes. Isn’t that fun? Allow pie to cool on a rack.

*We sell ready-made pie crusts, both whole wheat and gluten-free. For folks like me who don’t have the patience to make crusts!