Hello, Potential New Staffer @ Debra’s Natural Gourmet!


Our Motto:

“Eat Well, Be Happy”

Our Mission:

To be the best health food store on Earth.

Our Staff:

Superstars and geniuses!  Hard-working, thoughtful, creative, helpful individuals committed to supporting our mission.

Our Process:

Fill out the application below.  It should take ~15 minutes.

If you’re applying for a position we’ve posted, we’ll get back to you within three (3) business days.  If you’re putting in a general application, we’ll keep your info on file for six months, and reach out if we see a potential match.  Either way, the application process would continue with a meet-and-greet and/or formal sit-down interview; and sometimes a try-out.

We appreciate your interest.  Best wishes to you in your professional pursuits!

Unfortunately, we do not hire just for the summer, or a holiday season.  We will only consider applicants who anticipate being available for at least a year, a minimum of two days a week.        

The Application:

Debra’s Natural Gourmet is an equal opportunity employer.  Prospective employees will receive consideration without discrimination in respect to race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, pronoun, age, national origin and/or handicap.

If this is in response to a specific job posting, let us know. And please tell us if there are certain jobs or areas of the store you see yourself in more so than others.
You do not need to specify the nature of the commitment, but please do include both regular and recurring commitments; and any time you'll need off within the next three months.

More About You

This is basically your cover letter. It can be formal or informal.
Computer skills to tap dancing...

Previous Employment -- start with your most recent employer

Employer #2

Employer #3

Personal & Professional References

If you want to use your supervisors from your three previous jobs, that's great. Just let us know. Otherwise, please include for each one their name, contact information (phone or e-mail), and relationship.