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Sep 2023
Zuchinni Noodles Aglio e Olio e Gamberi 

We shred summer squash – using a spiralizer, a julienne peeler, or by hand. That’s our “pasta.” And then we do it up aglio e olio style. That’s Italian for “garlic and oil.” E gamberi means “and shrimp,” and it’s the shrimp that transform what’s basically a glorified salad into a full-out meal.     Now let’s talk cheese: there’s generic romano, and there’s pecorino romano. The

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Aug 2023
Smoothies 101 (2023 edition)

Throughout my life, smoothies have been a staple, a balm, a lifesaver.  The idea is simple, and the execution is simpler.  You dump a bunch of things in the blender; 30 second later, you have breakfast.  Done right, it’s that old cliché – delicious AND nutritious.  And reasonably inexpensive. And very little to clean up

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Sep 2023
The Stay-Healthy Care Package for College Students 

It can be a tough transition, from the home you grew up in, to a dorm or an apartment.  From a fridge and a medicine chest that were always stocked, to a bare cupboard.  From nutritious meals that appear on the table, fully cooked, as if by magic; to generic cafeteria fare or greasy takeout. 

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Ruby recommends: Organic Bulk Dried Jaq Fruit:             

“It has a really interesting taste, it tastes almost caramel-y to me, like a cross between mango and banana.  It’s not too sweet.  It’s just such a good snack.  I don’t think I have a reason – I just really like it!  It’s kind of chewy, but not too chewy.  I feel like a lot

Rakhi Recommends: Sunrise Energy Bites

“They’re a very good breakfast, they’re also a snack… no, I don’t have them for dinner — but you can definitely have them for a dessert!   You can compare them to oatmeal raisin cookies, but not as sweet.  Whole grains and fruit, filling, good taste, doesn’t cost too much — that’s all.” 

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