What’s Cooking
Recipes from more than a quarter-century of Debra's newsletters - from our award winning kitchen, and three cookbooks
stewed fruit
Dec 2007

Stewed fruit: no cooking, no mess, no sugar. So simple and fruity, you can have it for breakfast, too.

purple potatoes
Nov 2007

No grains in these dark purple-black, fiber-rich savory pancakes. A delightful holiday treat. You can call them “latkes” for Chanukkah. Or just call them delicious.

apple on a table
Oct 2007

Baked apples stuffed with crumbled store-bought macaroons. They’re simple. They’re wholesome. They’re truly delicious.

Sep 2007

Asiago is an Italian company, and we’re pleased as punch to carry their frozen, mixed porcini, oyster, shiitake and nameko mushrooms.  Adam introduced this product to me, and we both love how easy it is to make dinner by just adding a few other ingredients! Mushrooms lack chlorophyll, which means they don’t produce food for

Aug 2007

I fell in love with Kurt’s recipe back in the summer of 2002. Kurt is baking bread at the Orchard Hill Breadworks in VT.  He swings by from time to time bearing the gift of whole grain loaves baked the old-fashioned way.  Kurt writes, “One time Adam asked the Gaia Herb rep what the best

Jul 2007

A meal in itself with some ripe summer tomatoes.  I’d add olives and those little pickling cucumbers too.  Organic chicken on the grill….. Or Steady Lane Farm hamburgers or steaks…. Seven Oaks Ranch, the maker of Garlic Gold products, is nestled in the Ojai Valley.  The Ranch grows and distributes organic produce such as tomatoes,

Jul 2007

I keep trying to figure out ways to use hemp and pumpkin seeds because they’re both so healthy, but hemp sounds “sexier”, so it’s in the title here.  I read that hemp is the “next flax” because it’s another rich, rich source of essential fatty acids.  Ruth Shamai of Ruth’s Hemp Foods says, “So that’s

Jun 2007

Herbes de Provence originated in southern France, and includes herbs found in the region: rosemary, basil, marjoram, thyme, sage, savory, tarragon, bay, fennel and lavender. We have two different mixes in our store, one by Frontier Herbs and Spices, and a second lovely version made by Jean Louis of A Touch of Provence, located right

May 2007

In May, I feel in transition mode, not wanting heavy, cooked wintry dishes, but not ready yet for summer corn or salads made from ripe tomatoes.  This easy salad, which can be a meal, suits my fancy in spring. Did you know that chard actually came from the Mediterranean and Asia Minor?  That while it

Apr 2007

Mother Earth Magazine lists kale as one of the “Thirty-Three Greatest Foods for Healthy Living.”   Grown in Europe since 600 B.C.E., kale was the most common green vegetable, and in Scotland, kale in one dialect meant food, and the expression “to be off one’s kail” meant to feel too ill to eat.

roasted butternut squash
Mar 2007

Perfect for days that are still cold and often blustery. Of course you can substitute veggie sausage, or use diced yams instead of butternut squash. .