April 2014 Sales!
(more sales inside the store)

Farmhouse CULTURE Raw Organic Cultured Veggies
Lot of health probiotics, tang and crunch. All varieties 30% off. Let us know which is your favorite! Think of cultured veggies as superior sauerkrauts…

All Pacific Foods Organic Broths
Such as Chix (& Lo-Sodium), Mushroom, Veggie. 32 oz, Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

GT’s Kombucha Fizzy Fermented Mango & Trilogy
The sparkling drink for people of culture…16 oz Reg $4.19, Sale $2.99

Nutiva Organic Raw Coconut Oil
NOW IN GLASS! 23 oz Reg $15.99, Sale $9.99

Nutiva Organic Raw Coconut Manna
This combines the meat of the coconut together with the fat. You may even see red strands of the fiber. 16 oz Reg $9.99, Sale $6.49

Bob’s Gluten-Free Quick Oats
Hot cereal, here we come! Oatmeal cookies, too. 32 oz Reg $7.99, Sale $5.49

Biotta Organic Beet Juice
Detox! Helps with circulation. 16.9 oz Reg $7.79, Sale $4.99

Rising Moon Organic Butternut Squash & Garlic Gorgonzola Frozen Raviolis
Yummy! 8 oz Reg $4.99, Sale $3.39

Coconut Secret Coconut Flour
Organic, raw & gluten-free. 16 oz Reg $7.29, Sale $4.99

Michael’s of Brooklyn Puttanesca Sauce
A family-owned business since 1964. Delish! 32 oz Reg $8.99, Sale $6.99

Blake’s Organic Chicken & Shepherd’s Pot Pies
Blake’s is a 4th generation family business in NH. 8 oz Reg $6.49, Sale $3.69

Spectrum Org Extra-Virgin Mediterranean Olive Oil
Mild with a rich mouth-feel. 33.8 oz Reg $22.09, Sale $12.99

Ojio Organic Coconut Amino Seasonings
Soy-free alternative to soy sauce with 65% less sodium, derived from coconut blossom sap. 10 fluid oz, Reg $8.99, Sale $6.29

So Delicious Almond Plus Vanilla Non-Dairy Milk
Five times the protein of most almond milks. 64 oz Reg $5.59, Sale $3.59

Amy’s Mexican Casserole Bowl
Organic white corn masa, black beans, sweet golden corn, olives, tomatoes & a careful blend of chili peppers & spices. 9.5 oz Reg $5.89, Sale $3.99

Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Mac & Cheese
A new gluten-free delight. 6 oz Reg $3.69, Sale $2.49

Kevita Organic Lemon Cayenne Probiotic Beverage
Drink used in the Master Cleanse. 16 oz Reg $3.79, Sale $2.99

Three Twins Organic Ice Cream
Caramel Sea Salt, Butter Pecan & Lemon. BUY 2 PINTS, GET A 3RD FREE
(Jim says, “Three twins for the price of two.”)

Annie’s Goddess & Shiitake Sesame Dressings
8 oz Reg $4.99, Sale $2.99

Arrowhead Mills Organic Breakfast Cereals
Shredded Wheat, Amaranth, Spelt, Kamut Flakes. 12 oz. Save $2 on each

Castor & Pollux Dog Cat Food Cans, Kibble, 20% Off

All Boiron Arnica Creams and Gels, 30% Off
For any bumps or bruises you might incur. Play safe, bike safe, garden safe…

Aura Cacia Skin Care Oils, ALL 4 oz Bottles, $2.99

All Desert Essence 6.25 oz Toothpastes on Sale
Reg. $6.99, Sale $3.99. Save $3 on each tube. No limit, lucky you!

All Single Herb Capsules from Solaray 35% Off.
Over 80 such as Astragalus for immunity, Bilberry for eyes, Cranberry for the urinary tract, Dandelion Root for liver; plus Valerian for sleep, Passionflower for relaxation, Turmeric for inflammation, Nettles for allergies…

All Vitamin B-Complex from Solaray 35% Off
3 to choose from: strong B-100 capsules, time-release Mega B-Stress with Vitamin C, and chewable B-Complex tablets.

PGX Weight Loss Fiber. Capsules, Powders – 35% Off
Healthy weight loss. Clinically validated weight loss. Fiber is good for you!

All Garden of Life Raw Protein, 22 Oz
Suggested $41.99. $28.99 thru June. Vegan, raw, sprouted. Chocolate, vanilla, plain. Try one of each? Two of each?

Optique Homeopathic Eye Drops
For dry, itchy, irritated (allergy) eyes. 20 doses Reg $10.99, Sale $7.99

Debra’s Natural Gourmet Aller-7 Support Formula
Comprehensive herbal and nutrient formula to decongest, reduce histamine, and otherwise take the bite out of seasonal allergies. 90 tablets was $32.89 now $24.99. Everyday low price through June.