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Seth Kirschner’s Umesho BanchaTea

Seth Kirschner, who visits our store to represent many companies, among them one of our favorites, Eden Foods, said “When I was a child and had an upset stomach, my mother used to make me a hot drink that helped tremendously.  The drink was water with Eden umeboshi plum and/or plum paste to taste, Eden tamari and/or Eden shoyu to taste, Eden kuzu root and fresh grated ginger.  It’s the best and it really, truly works!

“Alternatively, I used to dine at a macrobiotic restaurant in Los Angeles, California, called Inaka where they prepared a traditional and authentic macrobiotic drink called Umesho Bancha Tea, which I make myself now.  Try it, you’ll like it!”

Makes 1 serving.  Feel free to double or triple or quadruple.

2/3 C Eden Bancha or Kukicha tea ½ Eden umeboshi plum (Wu Mei)
½ tsp Eden soy sauce ¼ tsp ginger juice (Sheng Jiang)

Make Bancha tea in a small pot and then combine with umeboshi plum.  Bring to a boil and cook 5 minutes.  Remove from heat.  Stir in soy sauce and ginger juice.  Serve hot.

Variation made with grated daikon radish:  This variation is useful for gallstones or kidney stones. Make the recipe above and mix 1 C with 1 Tbsp grated daikon. For sharp pain, use 2 Tbsp grated daikon.

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