Of Note

Scanners are coming!!! New Point of Sale System

We loved the way The Wool Pack in Acton introduced their Point of Sale System (POS) to their customers.  Here’s what they said, “The tables have turned, figuratively speaking.  For years, we have been recognized by our customers for our levels of understanding and patience…But now it’s your turn.  We implemented a new POS with bar codes and quick scanning. 

This is new for all our staff, including me.  We are now the ones lacking confidence, questioning which step comes first, and making sense out of something unfamiliar.  If you have already stopped in, I thank you for your patience with us.  Soon we will all be proficient…we will be able to check you out with lightening speed and restock our inventories with ease.  But for a short time, however, we ask that you stop in and give us more practice, for this is how we will improve; and if we stumble a little, we ask that you be patient with us.   Thanks for your understanding.”  We, at Debra’s Natural Gourmet, nervously await our POS system, coming sometime this fall…

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