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Osteoporosis: Supplement Company Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

Osteoporosis: Supplement Company Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is, Offers Unprecedented Guarantee

About two months ago, supplement manufacturer Garden of Life came to market with a new kit for osteoporosis called “Grow Bone.” On paper, it looked as good as anything I’d ever seen: well-researched sea algae-derived calcium, highly-absorbable magnesium, boron, strontium, silica, vitamin K2, and 1,600 iu of vitamin D3.

But the ingredients list was only the second-most impressive thing about the product. What really blew me away was the guarantee.

Bear in mind, most talk about “treating” osteoporosis with natural medicine focuses on reducing the rate of bone loss in other words, you’re not getting any better, you’re just not getting worse quite as quickly as before.

Garden of Life, on the other hand, guarantees that you will see an increase in bone density in just six months. And they’re putting their money where their mouth is.

Here’s how it works: get a full body DEXA scan to establish your baseline bone density. Then get yourself the Grow Bone kit. Take the supplements as directed for at least six months. Then get another DEXA scan. If you don’t see an improvement in bone density, Garden of Life will refund you double the cost of all six months worth of product, plus reimburse your out-of-pocket costs for the both scans[1].

This is completely unprecedented in our industry. Sure, companies have always offered money-back guarantees, but never anything of this magnitude. Not only could this save thousands tens of thousands of lives, but it might finally help establish the credibility of natural medicine in this country.

I’ve historically been critical of the folks at Garden of Life, in particular some of their marketing. But here I have nothing but praise[2]. This is huge, folks.

[1] There is some fine print. You’re not eligible if you’re in the first five years of menopause due to the very rapid bone loss that normally occurs there. You’re not eligible if you take drugs that cause bone loss. You’re not eligible if you’ve started or stopped taking biphosphonate drugs within the last year (although it’s fine if you’ve taken them consistently).

That doesn’t mean you can’t take the supplements, of course, just that they don’t come with the guarantee.

[2] Having said all that, I should point out that they do have a certain “honesty issue” on their labels. They claim that the product is vegan. The vitamin D3, strictly speaking, is not.

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