Of Note

Organic, Heirloom Seeds Arriving in January!

I am thrilled that organic, heirloom seeds are arriving again in January! Ray from Applefield Farms and I (Debra) have ordered some pretty strange, exotic-sounding seeds. Of course we’ll have the tried and true veggie seeds too. Yep, I’ve got my pots ready to start some seeds.

Ray thinks I’m over the top, but I love watching seeds sprout. I love the mystery, never knowing each year what the weather and the bugs will allow me to grow or harvest. It’s such great, frustrating fun! Good, however, that I’m not a farmer and don’t have to make my living off my home gardening. Do I still visit farm stands and buy organic produce from our store too? Of course! Do I enjoy swapping seeds each year with other garden nuts like myself?  That too. But for today, yippee, the seeds are on their way!