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Debra’s Offers Curbside Pickup!

Debra’s is offering curbside pickup at no additional charge.


We love helping our customers in need! Really and truly. If you don’t feel safe stepping out in public, we’ve got you. HOWEVER — picking and processing orders is a logistically very demanding process for us, and 50+ of those orders a day is straining our capacity to keep up. SO — if you feel comfortable shopping in person, please continue to do so.


We have a website. It’s pretty self-explanatory. But there are some tricks to it. So please do read the below before starting to place your order.

—–> https://debras.storebyweb.com

Pickup Windows

When you go to your shopping cart, you can select a one-hour window for pickup. Don’t worry — nobody is going to call the Order Police if you’re a little late.

Please Allow Substitutions!

Or: “If you Can’t Get The One You Want, Settle for the One We Have”

Our website reflects what we reasonably expect to have in stock. But life doesn’t always work out that way. Things sell out. Distributors show up empty-handed.

If we don’t have what you ordered… well, we don’t substitute items without your permission. But you can give us permission.

Maybe you ordered eggs from one farm, but don’t really care. Or you wanted kale, but would settle for collards.

So make sure to click the “ALLOW SUBSTITUTIONS” box in the shopping cart — for individual items, or your entire list.

You can give us instructions and parameters in the notes of the item. For example, for canned black beans “may sub kidney beans only, must be organic.” Or in the notes for the entire order, for example “all subs must be gluten-free.”

Our foragers will do their best to do right by you.

If you Can’t Find What you Want

At the bottom of every item page, there’s a button that says “can’t find something?” Click it, and type stuff in using plain English. We’ll do our best to help.

How You Pay

We do not currently have the ability to process credit cards online. We hope that changes by the end of the week. In the meantime, how it works is, we’ll assemble your order and call you for payment.

What You Pay

It may look like you’re being “charged” when you place your order, but you are not. What you see is a “holding charge” only (like a deposit against damages when you rent a hotel room). Your order may be less, if things are out of stock. Rarely, it may be more. That’s because sometimes we substitute more expensive options, if you allow us. Or you may add things to the order.

Also, prices change, and you’ll be charged the price of the item at the time we assemble your order, not when you place the order. So, let’s say you order strawberries at $4.99 a quart on Tuesday, but by Thursday when we pick your order they’re $3.99 — or $5.99. That’s what you pay. Sorry if this seems kind of arbitrary. It’s just a limitation of the technology. Hopefully, as fruit moves into season, we’ll see more price decreases than increases.


We can not currently take food stamps or apply a senior discount remotely.