Of Note

Ice Cream in Summertime

Summertime is synonymous with ice cream. Just drive by Reasons to Be Cheerful, or any other ice cream shop if you don’t believe me….. All those people out there licking away! Did you know it takes 50 licks to finish off a single scoop of ice cream? That the biggest sundae in history was made in Canada in 1988? That the ice cream cone’s invention came about at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, where an ice cream vendor reportedly ran out of dishes, so he teamed up with a waffle vendor who rolled his waffles into cones. Today, we eat an average of 60 pints of ice cream per person, per year – more than any other country! I do more than my share….

My favorite ice creams? Tea-riffic and Ken and Ginas (made in Stow). Why do I eat those exclusively? Because they’re the only ice creams in our area that I know of that don’t add gums or cheap filler ingredients. They have that clean, clear crystalline melt on the tongue. Grass-fed dairy, of course.

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