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Green Giant Blueberry Chia Smoothie

I’m in the mood for ice cream, and this is like a big bowl of soft, melty blueberry ice cream without the guilt or calories. I’ve been eating this every morning lately, after having taken a break from smoothies. Enjoying it, every spoonful, too! What’s more, I made it for several groups in the community, The Weeds and Seeds group in Carlisle, the Men’s Group at the Trinitarian Church, and The National Charity League (a wonderful group of moms and girls). The most amazing reaction was from the men’s group. They were aghast when they saw the kale going in the Vitamix, and surprised that they wanted seconds.

You do have to use a super-duper blender like a Vitamix. Mine is years old, and has been worth every penny because I can just about grind rocks in it (ask me about the fertilizer I make for my garden with my Vitamix!) Of course we sell them, and they are available lots of other places too.

Why brewer’s yeast in this smoothie? It’s the richest source of the B-vitamins – the nerve and stress vitamins. Brewer’s yeast is good, too, for beautiful skin because it helps prevent the breakdown of collagen. And it has protein. As do the chia seeds that are so nutrient-dense they were said to have allowed Aztec warriors to march for days without other food. Did you know that chia seeds are a rich plant source of omega 3’s? Maca, another ingredient here, is nicknamed the “South American ginseng,” an energizer safe for all ages.

Use organic ingredients? Of course. You don’t want to eat pesticides or herbicides, do you?  And organic prohibits any GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Makes 1-2 servings

1 C water (maybe ¼ C more, only if needed)

1-2 C greens (lacinato kale, parsley — use

2 Tbsp chia seeds

  leaves and stems)

1 tsp cinnamon powder

2 C frozen blueberries*

1 dropper-full of NuNaturals vanilla stevia

2 Tbsp Kal or Lewis Labs brewer’s yeast

1 Tbsp maca powder, optional

1 scoop protein powder, optional

Add all the ingredients into the Vitamix in order of appearance above. Blend for about a minute (I stop the machine a couple of times and start it again so everything will “catch” and blend. I pour into a bowl and eat with a spoon. You can pour into one or two glasses. You done good and got more greens in your diet! *I buy the 5# boxes of organic frozen wild Maine blueberries, when they are available. When we can’t get them, I buy any other 5# bags of frozen organic blueberries because 5# saves a ton of $$ over small bags.
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