Saturday December 6, 3:00-6:00. Winter Protection Your Skin Deserves! Annemarie Borlind esthetician, Celia will be here to offer free personalized 15 minute seasonal skincare consultations while introducing the three new "Beauty Pearls” Face Care Serums that provide a natural protection for sensitive, dehydrated and prematurely aging skin. Reserve your time by signing up when you visit our store, or call 978-371-7573. 20% off everything Borlind to those who have a consult with Celia.

Tuesday, December 9, 7-8:30. Vegan Cooking for the Holidays with Dushenka Silberfarb, author of The Model Vegan and one of our wonderful customers. It's the *most* *wonderful* time of the year! With Chanukah and Christmas just around the corner, Dushenka will share favorite vegan holiday recipes. And if you visit by December 5th and submit a favorite non-vegan recipe, Dushenka will have a vegan version ready for you on the 9th. We’ll have copies of Duskenka’s book available for sale, of course! This fun evening is free. Please do let us know to save you a chair.

Wednesday, December 10, 7:00 p.m. A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS IN WALES. Come hear our Jim Leahy read this lovely Christmas poem. And, as he does every year, Jim will serve his famous Christmas pudding after the reading. If you burst into song and want to sing a carol, well, that’s good too. Question is, can you sing with your mouth full of pudding? Allow us to treat you at the holidays. Of course this is free…

Thursday, December 18, 7-8. Chanukah Sing-a-Long. We’ve got music, and our kitchen will serve organic potato latkes sizzled in extra virgin olive oil. (That’s why they’re so good each year!) Our latkes, as always, are gluten-free too. So come one, come all. This is free and another way we share the season with you. Yes, we’ll light the candles (and come look at Debra’s menorah collection in the window).