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Autumn Spring Rolls

Do I use organic ingredients at home?  Yes. I want a healthy planet and as many antioxidants as I can get to keep me younger longer. I also think organic tastes better, don’t you?

Makes about 24 little rolls                

¼ C extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil

24 Red Rose spring roll skin triangle

1 large onion, halved, sliced, about 2 C

protein such as 6  hardboiled eggs or… *

4 cloves garlic, finely minced or pressed

1 C shredded carrots 

2 tsp Aurora Creations Bhindi Masala spice blend with anchur, cumin, salt, turmeric, coriander and chilies;

1 C shredded zucchini or squash

   or 2 tsp good salt (Celtic, Himalayan)

1 C chopped cilantro or sliced scallions, or both


2 ripe avocados, halved, peeled and mashed


1 Tbsp lemon juice


Heat oil in a medium frying pan. Add onions, cook for a few minutes, then add garlic and Aurora Creations seasoning. Sauté 5 minutes.  Chop in eggs (or make another protein choice – read below).

Scrub and trim veggies, but don’t peel.  Why waste nutrients on your organic veggies?  Grate carrots (I use a food processor). Put in a little bowl on work counter.  Grate zucchini, and do the same. Chop cilantro and/or slice scallions.  Stir these into mashed avocado with the tablespoon of lemon juice.

Fill a pie plate with warm water. Quickly dip spring roll skins in the water, then set them point down on a work surface.  Spread about a teaspoon of the avocado mixture on the bottom third of each wrapper and then put down a horizontal row of the seasoned onion-egg mixture, followed by a horizontal row of shredded veggies.  Roll them up gently into tight cylinders by folding up the pointy side of that triangle over the ingredients, then tucking in the two sides and continuing to roll until each is a spring roll!  If you need to moisten the top flap so it sticks, do so.

As you roll, transfer the finished rolls to a serving platter.  These are colorful and flavorful enough to stand on their own, but you also might enjoy them with a dipping sauce such as San-J’s peanut sauce. This recipe is an interactive sport – fun!  Lay out all the ingredients and let your guests or family roll their own.    

*if you don’t want to use chopped hardboiled eggs, you can use 2 C leftover chicken or fish pieces; or crumble in a pound of tofu or your favorite tempeh.

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